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Sorority Consultant Extraordinaire

Lorie loves everything about Greek life and Sorority life. As a self proclaimed Sorority Girl, she knows the ins and outs of Recruitment, Greek Life and Alumnae life. While in college, Lorie was her chapter's Pledge Educator, Rush Party planner, and President. After college, Lorie went on to serve her local alumnae chapter in Chicago, IL as the Philanthropy Chair, New Member Chair and Social Chair. She also has served as an Advisor to the local chapter of her sorority as a Recruitment Advisor and Sisterhood Advisor. Currently, she is involved in her sorority's NYC Alumnae chapter.

Lorie is originally from El Paso, TX and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Texas - El Paso. Lorie resides in New York City and has a successful career in Human Resources. Her current obsessions are traveling with her husband, brunch, and playing with her dog Popeye. Lorie loves to plan parties, Fall days in Central Park and checking out new restaurants in NYC. Lorie also will take the occasional trip back to Texas to keep in touch with her Texas roots.

Lorie's expertise in all things sorority allows you to get a behind the scenes look at how sororities prepare for Recruitment. From the moment you sign up for Recruitment, to the day you receive your Bid Day card, Greek Chic is here to help you through each step.






"We went to Lorie with little in the way of helpful background.  Suffice it to say that Lorie was extraordinarily helpful.  She met several times with Samantha to help her understand the process and what she needed to do to prepare.  She helped Samantha with her application and her recommendation letters.  She went clothes shopping with Samantha and her mom and went over the dos and don’ts of conversations with Sisters during Rush.  Samantha was very successful during each round of Rush and ultimately was as able to pick from her top two choices.  But really most importantly, because of how well Samantha was prepared for the process, she was able to relax and enjoy it. She actually had fun during it, which is probably what contributed to her success.   So, we can’t say enough about Lorie.  We recommend her highly and wish your daughter much success in the process!"

—  Darren, former client

"Kristen's sorority journey was a bit out of the norm time wise but she's done amazing things and found a great fit and Lorie's early college support was invaluable in bringing out confidence that led Kristen to where she is now."

—  Lisa, former client

"Emma made the decision to attend The University of Alabama, but navigating the college process was easy compared to understanding the processes of sorority rush.  Living in New England the idea of sororities was so foreign to us. We were completely lost with what to do, when to do it, who to ask for letters of recommendation and all that was involved. It was so demanding of our time and focus prior to the start of school and all summer. Lorie and I found each other and from the moment we spoke on the phone and throughout the entire process, even after rush, Lorie was there. She answered all of our questions, reduced our anxiety and was able to help both Emma and I work through all of the tasks at hand. She was always quick to respond to us and always knowledgeable about every facet of the process. I loved working with Lorie at Greek Chic and would highly recommend her to anyone who is embarking on the journey into Greek life."

          Lisa R. former client

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